About the Nursery School

We take care of 18-month to 6-year old children at the Smiling Baby School. Our curriculum is based on the belief that every child has a talent that must however, be developed at the proper time. Therefore, our instruction method targets the development of children’s abilities, individually adapted to each age group at the same time. The nursery school curriculum takes advantage of the fact that early development of a child’s intellect is significantly influenced by a process called "imprinting". 

Thanks to imprinting, children can also improve in skills they have no innate abilities for. For example one of the forms of imprinting manifests itself when a child is observing his or her environment. Children are able, naturally, to remember or imitate behaviors or processes they perceive in their surroundings. Every child has enormous potential that needs to be developed as early as at nursery school age. The education of younger children is much more efficient than the education of adults.

However, it is necessary to approach the development of abilities in a proper manner – the surrounding conditions should be one step ahead of the child. The Smiling Baby School focuses on children’s early development in all aspects. Instruction at our facility is also adapted to the Czech educational system and has been fully linked to the Framework Educational Program for Preschool Education – enabling children to follow up on their education both at state and private elementary schools without any problems.

We have a detailed program of instruction prepared for each age group. At the same time, we also take into account the innate abilities and needs of each child during instruction, so as to allow him or her to manage a development program at ease and stress free.

Every year, a cycle of our curricula lies ahead of children who learn many new things each month.  During this time, they will acquire knowledge in various areas and may follow up with a program for older children.

The comprehensive and unique development method helps children to better understand both their own abilities and the world that surrounds them, its events and rules and regularities, and teaches them how to apply acquired information in their everyday lives and in the further processes of their education and learning.

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