At Smiling Baby School we place great emphasis on your child’s health. Children love freedom, movement, activity; they are spontaneous, full of dreams and imagination, anxious to get ahead. The whole of childhood is associated with the energy of movement. Sometimes rapturous, other times calmer. If we do not overly restrict them, children will express their gratitude to us in the form of their healthy development.

The Smiling Baby School Offers the Following Services to its Children:

  • Baby massages
  • Sauna
  • Swimming courses
  • Exercise, and
  • Other various forms of physical exercise

How will the Smiling Baby School ensure the health of every child and protect every child against infectious illnesses?

If I child is not well he/she will be separated from the other children and his or her parent, who will be contacted immediately, will be urged to pick their child up as soon as possible. Upon that moment any items that may have been contaminated shall be thoroughly disinfected to stop infection from spreading. The other children's parents shall be informed that their son or daughter may have come in contact with an ill child. The nursery school staff shall introduce preventative measures to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

When a child returns to school after having been ill, his/her parent shall provide information on the state of his/her health condition accompanied by a statement from their pediatrician confirming the child's state of health and confirmation of proper vaccination, enabling them to join the other children at the center.

When a child who is apparently ill – has a temperature, glassy eyes, a bad cough, runny nose, etc. - arrives at the center in the morning, the teacher is entitled to request the child be taken home.
The nursery school has a fully equipped first aid kit to be used in any situations requiring that first aid be provided. The first aid kit is available to teachers in a designated area. It is checked and replenished on a regular basis. All teachers have been trained in first aid. Parents are requested to provide the Smiling Baby School with any important information on their child’s health condition when their child begins attending the school. The Smiling Baby School offers your children an environment that is hygienic and safe, one where applicable regulations are complied with, where regular disinfection is carried out, rooms aired, and an optimal temperature is maintained inside the building.

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