Who We Are

You will find the Smiling Baby School nursery school and day-care center in Prague 7 – a short distance from Letná Square, next to Stromovka Park. We selected this location with care to provide your child with a location that would suit his/her needs, a place to play safely, a pleasant environment in which to learn new things, and a natural setting to go to…

We are here to provide all 18-month to 6-year old children with care that assists them in the development of their abilities while experiencing carefree moments in the company of their peers. The day-care center and nursery school have become a common social site where we pass on elementary skills to children, developing them in all respects, teaching them basic social skills and hygiene. Making use of children’s natural curiosity, we support them in obtaining new knowledge through games, songs, books, etc. 

At our facility, your children are attended to by carefully selected teachers.

Why Should you Entrust your Child to us?

    • He or she will learn a foreign language – we take turns speaking Czech and English even to the smallest children
    • We develop your child's abilities
    • Our curriculum is adopted to the Czech educational system
    • The nursery school and day-care center are located in a beautiful building with a garden and a large terrace, just a short way from a park
    • Smiling Baby School is open year round – you need not worry about who will look after the children during the holidays
    • We are cooperative lending you the peace of mind to work and have your children feel content
    • We offer an exceptionally comfortable and inspiring environment for children.

How Are Things Organized at Our Facility?

The day-care center and nursery school operates Monday through Friday, from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM (during the entire calendar year, including summer months/school holidays).

The daily agenda is divided into regular blocks. This ensures a regular schedule which is very important for preschool children. The daily schedule includes time for a mutual meeting of all children, instruction, outdoor time (the garden, the park, walks in the surroundings), time for relaxation and rest, regular meals and hygiene…

And don't forget the language instruction that takes on a natural form at our nursery school as teachers take turns speaking in English and in Czech to the children. The school day structure at our facility has been brought into full accord with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

We support a healthy life-style at our nursery. The menu for children is comprised exclusively of organic food. Children have free access to drinks at any time during the day. It is possible to bring your own food for children requiring a special diet.

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